Power And Serenity, sw/eva

Power And Serenity

Accordionist Jure Tori and the Grazer jazz legend Ewald Oberleitner played a successful mixture from Folk and jazz in Hallein / the Freysitz.

Hallein: A successful mixture from Folk, classic and jazz – everything written by a young Slovenian musician. The accordionist Jure Tori and the Austrian jazz legend Ewald Oberleitner (double bass) gave Thursday evening in the Freysitz the honour. With momentumful songs the evening started – energetic melodies provoced a in the rhythm stomping and in the rhythm knocking . low-intimate compositions brought the listeners to dreaming and thinking. Oberleitner, the music professor from Graz adhered partial to notes, Tori played free and improvised. The two musicians may be different, in their play they harmonized marvelously one with another and supplemented themselves in each piece.
Oberleitner, who is called in the Grazer Jazzscene as heart muscle ,sprayed with his 72 years full energy and ease and was thus same in temper as his younger duo partner. It seemed, as if the 29-year old Tori would sink in a perfect intoxication of tones, melodies and sounds. His speedy fingers moved within seconds from a key to the other one, without arousing the impression from effort. I am what I play , commentated Tori his way of playing. That one believes, particularly because of the love and devotion, with which he plays his accordion. Oberleitner, the quieter part in duo, radiated peace and played his double bass with similar poetry as Tori. Toward the end of the concert the keys and strings ran once again hot. It seemed, as if the entire evening culminated in the last song. With fast melodies the duo left the concert stage.



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