Reflection of Memory, Zdenko Matoz

Reflection of Memory

Jure Tori is known as an accordionist of a convivial proletarian band Orlek from Zasavje. With his cd Reflection of memory however, he is introducing himself as an accordionist of a different, even serious kind. Tori has released the album together with a well-known Austrian jazz double bass player Ewald Oberleitner, who is currently the most active with the group Neighbors. He performed together with many leading jazz musicians such as Anthony Braxton, Chet Baker, Jay Clayton, Ellis Marsallis and others. Two musicians of different cultural and generational roots have found common language in a mixture of jazz, classical and folk music. The music boldly binds together already many times fused music genres, but Tori and Oberleitner do it in their own way. Author of the compositions is Tori, the poetry accompanying the cd is also by him. Definitely a record well above the average domestic music production.

Zdenko Matoz



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